Pleats to see you! Kate Middleton stuns in a red skirt and jumper and totes a trendy micro-bag as she arrives to give keynote speech for Addiction Awareness Week

Kate Middleton, 39, donned a pleated skirt and matching fitted top for the event in London hosted by drug and alcohol dependence charity The Forward Trust, of which she is patron.

Soldier, 32, who is suing the MoD for £3.7m over trench foot that left him struggling to walk faked condition by packing his feet in ice blocks, High Court hears

Brian Muyepa (pictured), 32, says he suffered severe non-freezing cold injuries after being left in wet boots for five hours after a training exercise in a Welsh tunnel in winter 2016.

Ah there you are! Queen holds video call with the new Governor-General of New Zealand, Dame Cindy Kiro, the first indigenous woman appointed to the role

The British Queen welcomed Dame Cindy Kiro, the first indigenous woman appointed to the role, with an exclamation of surprise, as she raised her finger and remarked: 'Ah, there you are.' ...

Louvre of Wine – the worlds biggest collection of vines – is to be FROZEN in the hopes long-lost grape varieties could one day be revived if they die out because of ...

The facility, opened by the French National Institute for Research into Agriculture, Food and the Environment, will preserve tissues from the vines at -320°F (-196°C) in liquid nitrogen in a cryobank.